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D'Neero Welcome Back!

Im so happy that D'neero is now offering lots of conversation yeheey! I love the conversations. Keep it up gals and guys!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Kuya Bryan's sent messages.....

My Kuya Bryan is a Chapter head of our church Singles for Christ Organization. We became friends when he invited me to join in their organization this year. Then our friendship deepen when he ask me about the organization I have-it was the Catholic Faith Defender- an organization who study Catholic teachings and even other religions. We also delivered some apologetics before the mass start at Nazareno Church.

But before I tackle about Apologetics, let me first share my kuya's inspriring messages he had sent to me everytime he texted me.

"We never outgrew the need to be hugged & loved - I just want you to know that whenever you need a hug or a little love...Jesus can do both! God Loves You!"

"I am thr Lord your god, the one who wants to teach you for your own good & direct you in the way you should go." Isaiah 48:17

"How many times have we doubted God's love and faithfulness? God is there to help carry your heavy load."

"Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the blessed Virgin Mary. Read Today's Gospel: "The Birth of Jesus is announced." Luke 1:26-38

"God gather His lost sheep through us. How is God using you to gather His sheep? Take time to read the gospel for today from Matthew 9:35 - 38, 10:1,5-8."

"HEARTS could only love for awhile...FEET could only walk some mile... CLOTHES won't forever be in style...but God's love for you lasts until the END OF TIME!"

"You, Lord give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you. Trust in the lord forever; He will always protect us." Isaiah 26:3-4

"Close your eyes... feel the night with prayers, as you go about your dreams take things easy...for God knows your desire to do better for tomorrow."

"At times we are amazed by God's perfect timing & miraculous intervention when He answers our prayer. We must be careful, though not to become so preoccupied with the miracle that we forget the One who performed it. We need to remain focused on Christ whether a miracle takes place or not. We walk by FAITH, not by sight." 2 Cor.5:7

"What is heavy for God when it's empty foe me? The heart filled with praise brings pleasure to God. God wants worshipers with hearts so full of love for Him that they overflow in good deeds for others."

"Be patient,then,my friends, until the Lord comes." James 5:7 Is there any better hope than to know that Jesus is coming again to set everything right? He has given us His word that He's coming back. It's the surest thing in the world. The Hope of Christ's coming can keep us going."

"We can't change the way we've spent our time in the past. But from this moment on, we can prayerfully lay hold of God's grace & fulfill His will for our lives. We have the present moment - let's make the most of it!"

"We don't have everything to enjoy life but we have life to enjoy everything. Always choose to see the nice things , LIFE is happier that way!"

The Lord is our protector & glorious king, blessing us with kindness & honor. He does not refuse any good thing to those who do what is right. Lord Almighty, how happy are those who trust in you!"

"Blessings do come as a surprise & how much we receive depends on how much our hearts can believe."

"One thing I have learned from God is how to get along happily whether I have much or little. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of CONTENTMENT in every situation...You know Why? Because JESUS is enough to cover everything."

"Sometimes we put too much passion on the biggest dreams & priorities in life that we fail to love the smallest pleasures from simple things. We search so much for the right choices, for the right paths to walk through, for the right time & for the right reasons. But life isn't about searching for the things that can be found. It is about letting the unexpected happen & finding things you never searched for."

"Let the Lord stand ahead of you so that trials & sufferings may not defeat you for He knows when to HELP & DEFEND YOU.Stay with him forever."

So these are the inspiring messages that my Kuya sent me. This messages gives me hope to pusrue my dreams in life and strengthen my faith in God. That's why, Kuya has become a part of my life.Thanks to our Dear Lord for he gave me a friend as good as my Kuya bryan.

And to my Kuya, thanks for listening and for being a true friend to me. May our friendship last till the end. I hope you too may always be in God's hand with a great and happy life.

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